Fall In Love With A Web Directory

I will show you how to build a web directory in a few and easy to follow steps. Using these tips will not only save you a huge amount of time, but it will also reveal to you new ways to build a good quality site loved by net-surfers and search engines as well. 1). Purchase a domain name and a hosting plan. You can buy a domain name for as low as 2.50$. Choose your domain name carefully,... Read More

Web Design For Novices

Paralysis of Choice So you want to create your first web site but are feeling more than a little daunted by the thought. First step… relax. Just about everyone who has ever created a web site has been here before. The feeling is not uncommon. Perhaps one of the scariest things about the whole prospect of creating a web site is the sheer number of choices out there. There is... Read More

Outsourcing your web site design

Web site design customers in the UK tend to frown upon outsourcing and this is understandable. Almost every large utility company today outsource their back office and customer services are generally handled by non-UK staff abroad. A lack of personal touch, poor communication skills and accents means that these services are not welcomed by customers at large. We do not want to speak... Read More

Knowing HTML Is Not Nearly Enough

Every web designer is familiar with the HTML programming language, which stands for Hypertext Markup Language. The language has been in use since the advent of cyberspace, and although it will probably always be used, it is already being supplemented by newer, more versatile versions of HTML. The Extensible HyperText Markup Language (XHTML) is a family of current and future document... Read More

Create a great site, create your online presence

Though it?s not incredibly hard to build a website that can do what you need it to do, some people don?t have the time to learn how to do it properly. You can get software to help show you how to build a website that won?t cost you very much. It can walk you through what you need to do and how to do it. If you want to do business online, it?s given that you have to build a website.... Read More

Website Design with Director 8.5

The software program of Director 8.5 has proven itself to be a very useful tool when it comes to designing WebPages. Many people would argue that interactive multimedia is distractive and does not allow the reader the opportunity to absorb the content on the website. However, in the contemporary society of marketing and capitalism, it is believed that the Internet has become an... Read More

Design vs. SEO: Can My Site Look Good And Rank Well?

Do you have to sacrifice all of the creative and artistic elements of your web site to rank in the search engines? Later in this article I?ll show you a real case scenario and the design and SEO approach used. Thanks to the birth of professional search engine marketers the top ranks are saturated with the pages of companies that can pay for such insight. That said, it?s certainly... Read More

How To Design A Search Engine Friendly Website

Search engines favour well designed web sites with plenty text content for their top rankings. Here’s some tips on how to design a web site to be ranked at the top in the search engines. Text Content The cornerstone to your web site is the text content. Make sure the site contains plenty subject matter right from the start. Your home page will introduce and describe the content... Read More

Web Design look and feel – Does it matter?

This might seem like an obvious statement. Of course the look and feel of my web site matters but how much does it actually matter and what can I do to improve my web design interface? Many companies are constantly tweaking their web site with a view to capturing the attention of potential customers. Although not all web sites are commercial in nature, the majority of web site owners... Read More

Choosing a Web Designer the Easy Way

When you choose a web designer, there are many things that you need to be aware of and that need to be taken into consideration before you make a decision. To some extent, the ability to work successfully with your web designer is sometime as important as their actual skill in being able to deliver the project. A web designer that is skilled in what they do but is a pain to deal... Read More