Ethiopia Puts Logo on Its Hottest Export

A small design firm here was recently hired by an unusual client with an unconventional request: The Ethiopian government commissioned Brandhouse to come up with a logo that will make consumers feel like they are drinking a luxury when they have Ethiopian coffee.  Read More

Logo contest announced for Belle Plaine Main Street Program

In an effort to raise support and awareness for Belle Plaine  Read More

Nordic Game Panelists Teach The Art Of The Deal

It’s hard out here for an independent developer, and one of the most nebulous areas of independent game development is shopping titles around to publishers and then navigating the turbulent waters of publishing contracts. During the Nordic Game Conference in Malm?, Sweden, six video game industry executives, agents, and business development directors gathered to discuss the... Read More

Gaining Independence For People With Disabilities Through Video Games

Today’s video games serve a multitude of functions ranging from entertainment to exercise and even education. Now, three recent graduates have created a game with an even more important purpose — to foster independence among disabled individuals. Graduating seniors have led an interdisciplinary student team made up of programmers, game designers, character and level... Read More

Designer Miyamoto makes video games pulse with life

Shigeru Miyamoto, the father of iconic Nintendo mascot Mario, among many others, doesn’t just bring characters to life in his video games. He injects his life into his creations. That’s why his latest project, Wii Fit, which arrives in stores Wednesday, is not really a game at all. It’s a $90 software-and-gadget fitness package for Nintendo’s revolutionary... Read More

Maryland Professor Helps Craft Anti-Violence Video Game

A new video game aimed at the K-2 set aims to help teach that conflict can be resolved peacefully. University of Maryland Eduction Professor Melanie Killen helped design the scenarios for the game – which is available for Mac or PC as a free download.  Read More

Community college to graduate its first in game design

For years, 23-year-old Lauren Robertson couldn’t figure out how to translate her love of video games into a career. Today she’ll be New River Community College’s first to graduate with a specialization in game design, a specialty field introduced in the information technology and computer-aided design departments in 2006. About 35 other students from both departments... Read More

Shive-Hattery ranked among top design firms

For the 25th consecutive year, Shive-Hattery is ranked among the nation’s top 500 design firms by Engineering News Record, a national construction industry magazine.  Read More

The new organic movement

“THE STRAIGHT LINE BELONGED TO men and the curved line to God,” or so said architect Antonio Gaudi, one of the masters of non-angular design in both his much-celebrated architecture and interiors.  Read More

SAN MARCOS: Palomar construction set to begin this month

SAN MARCOS —- Palomar College officials approved a variety of construction-related contracts Tuesday night, preparing for a vast summer building campaign in which several large projects funded by Proposition M will begin. Approving contracts for ev  Read More