Welcome to the Art Hotel

"It’s over for design hotels," says Ian Schrager, the man who invented them. "What once was the exception is now the general rule. It doesn’t interest me anymore. I have taken it as far as it can go. This for me is a new beginning. Im trying to change the game again."  Read More

The colorful art of container gardening

MARLBOROUGH – As a way for Kim Ludy to design and plant miniature versions of the garden beds she dreamed of having, she turned to container gardens.  Read More

Family counsel: Art therapy

In art therapy, creative activities help emotionally disturbed or violent adults and children.  Read More

Students helped design homes for Beich site

BLOOMINGTON — High school students helped design what could be first-time buyers’ dream homes built at the site of the former Beich candy factory.  Read More

Digital makes you the designer

Much of today’s interior design innovation has resulted from digital printing applications moving into the home décor market. Specialized printers can now transfer digital images onto any number of surfaces, including glass, vinyl, fabric, ceramics and wood.  Read More

Fashion emerges from discards

LA SOLEDAD, Mexico – Empty candy wrappers, potato chip bags and cookie packages that once littered roads and filled Mexican dumps are now making fashion statements in Los Angeles, New York and Tokyo.  Read More

Visual Arts calendar

IMAGES ART GALLERY: “Tom Lynch Watercolor Workshop.” May 25-26. BELGER ARTS CENTER: “Caja de Visiones/Box of Visions: Manuel Alvarez Bravo” and “Seating Arrangement: Innovative 20th Century Chair Design.” 10 a.m.-4 p.m. Thursday-Friday, noon-4 p.m. Saturday; closes June 2.  Read More

Council approves design proposals for Target and Costco

Tuesday night was a victory for developers of the Gateway Project, as the Woodland City Council approved the design proposals of the Target and Costco.  Read More

High Court hears logo dispute

London’s High Court has this week been hearing one of the most unusual legal disputes in the sport’s history, writes Mark Hodgkinson.  Read More

Ponytail inspires new logo

She might have the most famous pony-tail in hockey by this time next year. Nine-year-old Kate MacKenzie of Winnipeg is the inspiration behind the logo, unveiled yesterday, for the 2007 World Women’s Hockey Championship.  Read More