Leominster Credit Union introduces youthful new initiative, logo

LEOMINSTER — Leominster Credit Union unveiled Tuesday a new logo and marketing initiative, saying it wanted to create a more youthful image for the company.  Read More

Children to design hospital campaign logo

Staff at Warwick Hospital are asking children to design a logo for its new fundraising campaign.  Read More

Globe-trotting gamer blasts competition

It’s a battle that parents have fought with their kids since the dawn of "Pong" — too much time playing video games and not enough time studying.  Read More

Yamamoto Designs for Mikimoto

Fashion Wire Daily – Mikimoto has tapped fashion designer Yojhi Yamamoto to create a collection for the venerable jewelry house. The two Japanese houses will join forces and design a 20-piece collection that will focus on Mikimoto's star gemstone, the pearl, it was announced Tuesday.  Read More

PPR Buying Puma in $7 Billion Deal

Fashion Wire Daily – PPR, luxury's third largest conglomerate has bought itself a large chunk of prestige sports in a friendly, and thoroughly surprising, takeover.  Read More

How to design search engine friendly web sites

Shari Thurow presents some practical hands on advice on designing web sites that rank well in the search engines.  Read More

Designing the Perfect Presentation

The design firm behind Al Gore’s Oscar-winning An Inconvenient Truth offers insights on improving a presentation  Read More

Game design secrets

Leading designers say there is one essential ingredient of a great computer game. Simon Tsang reports.  Read More

Designer Jon accused of assaulting 4 more women

Reuters – A celebrity fashion designer accused of luring young women and girls with promises of modeling work and then raping or sexually assaulting them was charged on Wednesday with attacks on four more victims.  Read More

More charges filed against L.A. designer

AP – A celebrity fashion designer accused of sexually assaulting as many as a dozen women and girls pleaded not guilty Wednesday, hours after prosecutors filed 13 new charges.  Read More