3 Great Tips for Photoshop Novices

The release of the tenth and newest version of the graphic editing industry standard PhotoShop is called CS3, and it was released on April 16,2007. If you are a novice of the graphic editing and manipulation world,you are going to want to read these three HOT tips to help get you going.They are put together to help you to see that the world of image management is not really as daunting... Read More

Learn Photoshop Through Online Tutorials

Photoshop is arguably the best software to use for creating and manipulating graphics and photographs. Never has tweaking images been so easy, thanks to the tools and advancements Photoshop has provided. If you’ve always wanted to learn more about Photoshop but don?t know where to start, you don?t have to pay for classes to fine-tune your skills. You can get all the tips and... Read More

Photoshop Tutorial Effect

Photographs will always be interesting conversation pieces and mementoes especially if they remind someone of a special person or event in his life. However there are ways of enhancing photographs and adding more spice and interest to it so that it is not just a good way to document people, places and events but a good way to highlight interesting aspects of the photographs as well. Most... Read More

Photoshop Tutorial For Beginners – Tips to Get Started

Photo Shop is one of the most amazing and yet complicated software programs out in the market right now, but don?t worry?you?ll only have to suffer its complicatedness at the start. After a while, you?ll soon get the hang of Photo Shop and then you?ll be editing your photos like mad! Tip #1 Choosing the Type of Image File Whenever you edit a photo in a major way, the default settings... Read More