Shattering the Branding Myths!

If you’ve been online long, you’re sure to have seen many ’gurus’ give their ideas about branding. However, much of what you read simply isn’t true. Over the years, many myths about branding have taken hold in the online world and spread like wildfire. The fact is: They are doing you more harm than good. Branding is not one aspect of your marketing campaign. It is the combination of everything your business stands for. Branding is not created with... Read More

Branding for a Business โ€“ Consumer Relationship

A primary fact that should be at the hearts and minds and behind all the efforts of every advertiser is that a brand establishes the relationship between a business and its consumers. Whether you have a strong faithful relationship or a weak seasonal relationship with your consumers would depend entirely on your brand and your management and maintenance of its overall image. A quick example would be to compare Apple and Microsoft. I?m sure most of us would agree if I say... Read More

Analyzing What Your Design Says About You

Design is always part and parcel of what makes your marketing campaign successful. As a graphic designer, half of your task is to make sure that not only do you make it easy for your target audience to understand your message, but to direct them also to your message. In short, you have to attract your target readers to what you have to say. Hence, your design provides the text and visual elements that would make it easy for your clients and prospects to read your message.... Read More

Basic Ad Creation Know-How

An effective ad such as your business card printing piece for example, has two basic elements ? an attractive design and a compelling message. Without one or the other, you might as well forget that you?re going have many leads to increase your return of investment. A strong ad must have a great design that would get the attention of your target readers. With too much junk mail and other everyday stuff vying for your target clients? attention everyday, you should be able... Read More

Corporate Branding: Recipe for a Successful Business

We are aware that nowadays market is very competitive and that a good corporate image is important to set values and to gain popularity. Establishing a corporate identity is vital for companies in today?s overcrowded market as the number of choices laid at the disposal of consumers is increasingly overwhelming them It is crucial to differentiate your product or service from the competition. Adding a human attribute even to inanimate objects is necessary to build a relationship... Read More

Design and Brand: A Perfect Combination can Make You a Winner!

Designs can change the world. This may sound lofty but it is something that people have come to believe and that has been reinforced by other designers; discussed and debated at conferences. Sure it is a lofty belief but it keeps things going. Anybody loves and appreciates good design. But you have to admit that ultimately the design of anything is only successful when it clearly communicates its message. Unlike art, there are rules in design: there are the grids that... Read More

Enhance your Brand’s recall value with a great logo

What ensures an instant brand recall value among the consumers? Definitely superlative quality, great service are the factors that enhances a product?s recall value but without a targeted and intelligent marketing effort, a good product cannot get the desired recognition among the customers. So what marks the beginning of a good marketing campaign? Every brand needs a unique symbol, a mark that the customers should associate with the product. If one is thinking of buying a pair... Read More

Logo โ€“ The Power to Drive a Brand

Logo is a powerful symbolic representation of a company. It?s a graphic symbol designed to differentiate companies or products from their competitors in the market. It?s the first step towards building an enduring brand. The logo is considered a unique signature belonging to one individual, establishing an initial, prominent corporate presence. It is very important that a company logo design creates a visual impact and ensures instant recognition. Branding is a complex and demanding... Read More

Don’t think branding. Think brand power

As a small business entrepreneur, you are savvy enough to know that branding isn’t just for large multinational corporations. However, when it comes to branding there is still too much attention given to colors and designs and not enough given to achieving brand power. Visibility and repetition are the keys to success and can even overcome average designs. When you are imagining what your logo should look like, don’t stop there–imagine where it will go. Imagine... Read More

Trademarks โ€“ How Important are they?

Being different from the rest always gathers prominence. Any commercial/ non-commercial product or service needs a certain degree of uniqueness to get their potential customers. Such distinctive character of a product usually becomes the registered trademark of a brand. However, a trademark may not necessarily be a distinct physical entity. Any attribute of a product or service that uniquely identifies itself with the customers can become a trademark. So a distinct smelling perfume,... Read More