Corporate Branding: Recipe for a Successful Business

We are aware that nowadays market is very competitive and that a good corporate image is important to set values and to gain popularity. Establishing a corporate identity is vital for companies in today?s overcrowded market as the number of choices laid at the disposal of consumers is increasingly overwhelming them It is crucial to differentiate your product or service from the competition. Adding a human attribute even to inanimate objects is necessary to build a relationship... Read More

Trademarks – How Important are they?

Being different from the rest always gathers prominence. Any commercial/ non-commercial product or service needs a certain degree of uniqueness to get their potential customers. Such distinctive character of a product usually becomes the registered trademark of a brand. However, a trademark may not necessarily be a distinct physical entity. Any attribute of a product or service that uniquely identifies itself with the customers can become a trademark. So a distinct smelling perfume,... Read More

Your Corporate Identity, logo design

When you see the face of a friend, you don’t have to wonder who it is. You recognize him, you experience affection on meeting him, and you remember him in the future. A good logo can help make a company into a friend, into "someone" who is known, liked and remembered. There are infinite faces, and there are infinite logo designs. You want to make yours stand out in a crowd. The nice thing about a logo is that you get to choose what image you show to the world. The... Read More

Strengthen Your Corporate Brand Image For Optimum Results

The brand image of an organization mirrors its reputation among the masses. As such, business organizations work tirelessly to create such brands that would register an impression of loyalty and trust with the customers. Once this happens, customers are attracted naturally to your brand, registering profit for your business. An established brand finds it easier to introduce new products and make experiments on account of the trust its brand image has created on its customers.... Read More

Tips To Attain Unique Corporate Identity

Corporate identity had vaguely complied in helping business to create good brand recognition in the market. It is within this means that businesses are able to mark a good name to their targeted audience. Mainly when you are starting to compete with other business it is vital that you stand out and have your own identity to help your customers to visually identify you from your competitors. Although there may be a little competition within your area, once you engage to the net,... Read More

Brand Identity Design: Standing out from the Crowd

Have you ever wondered how big corporations such as Sony and CBS are able to establish their corporate images? How important are these images in promoting their respective products or services? The answer is simple: by creating a unique and impressive identity. And how are they able to do this? By hiring brand identity designers. Now, what is this brand identity design and who are these brand identity designers? It has been said that a good and strong brand identity is the most... Read More

Tips and Ideas for a Corporate Identity Makeover

Corporate identities are very important in this competitive world of ours. It is through the corporate identity that the core values of an organization are identified. It is not only the big companies that need corporate identity; the small business owner too needs to build a corporate identity standard. This is because it is through the corporate identity package that your suppliers, and the general public identify the company. The best way of getting a corporate identity makeover... Read More

Defining Corporate Identity, Brand Identity and Brand Image

Corporate identity is a company?s visual presence, which involves the corporate logo design and design strategy for corporate marketing collateral. Corporate identity does not encapsulate brand identity, which is best defined as the soul of your company. However, a corporate identity may, and often does, reflect a brand identity. But some ad agencies, marketing companies and graphic design agencies would have you believe that brand identity is the same thing as corporate identity... Read More

Corporate Identity Management

Competition is great in the market world today and in order to get your business noticed, you will need good corporate identity management. You need to bring together all of the good qualities of your company as well as emphasizing what a great benefit your company will be to those who use your services. Good corporate identity management will do just that if handled properly. It will give your business a clear positioning towards your customers and prospective customers as well... Read More