Do Businesses Really Need A Logo?

John McWade, of Before and After Magazine, discusses the need for businesses to have a logo in the video below. He also reviews a pet shop logo created by one of the magazine’s subscribers and gives tips on how to improve it. BA magazine was started by John McWade in 1990 which is doing a stellar job of taking graphic design to the masses and introduces them the essentials of design, and teaches and inspires them to create art on their own.  Read More

Tips on Choosing Good Icons

As there are numerous websites that offer icons, you have to pick up the right website that offers quality icons. The touchstone method to identify a quality icon producer is the website itself. Browse through as many number of website as you can and select a few website that visually impressed you and that offer the kind of icons you need. Then check for the quality of the website in terms of aesthetics, design, usability, language standards, payment modes, years of experience,... Read More

Skills Required to Become a Graphic Designer

Those who become successful graphic designers usually have a unique blend of talents. They are intelligent people who are knowledgeable in a wide range of areas, comfortable creating designs that blend images with words and media to produce visually simulating concepts. Graphic designers are able to work alone and interact with clients and other professionals. They are familiar with the latest technology and able to incorporate it into their work for fresh ideas, while simultaneously... Read More

10 Things to Include on your Business Card

Your business card should stand out from the rest. It should work as a mini advertisement for your business. Still, there are some basic elements that every business card should include. Here is a rundown of these fundamentals for you to remember as you design your next business card printing project: 1. Your Name Obviously, you will want to put your name on your business card. Otherwise, the recipient will not know who to ask for when he or she calls. 2. Your Company Name Right... Read More

Four Essential Brochure Design Tips

Every business has a brochure. You see thousands of them in every hotel lobby. So how do you make your company?s brochure stand out? Well, you have to know the basics of good brochure design. Here are a few tips to help you out as you plan your next brochure printing project: Judge a Brochure by its Cover It may not be true for books, but brochures are judged by their covers. A brochure is only as effective as its cover is attractive. The front of your brochure has to have enough... Read More

Types of Brochures

If you own a business, you have probably had brochures made, or at least thought about it. But do you realize that there are actually 5 different kinds of brochures? Not all brochures work equally well in every situation. You want to have the kind of brochure that will work for the purpose for which you want to use it. Here is a rundown of each type to help you plan your next brochure printing project: 1. Support Brochures These are not all that common these days, but they still... Read More

Designing Your Business Card

Business cards are an essential part of every businessperson?s arsenal. You have to have a business card ready to hand to anyone who might be a potential customer. Ideally, each business card will bring you an extra sale (or ten). However, that will only happen if your business card is effective, and it can only be effective if you make it better than the zillions of others out there. Let us go through the process of designing your business card, step by step. 1. Determine... Read More

6 Tips for Designing a Good Business Card

As much as people may like to think that the world of computers is going to remove the old styles of networking like business cards, it isn’t happening anytime soon. When you go to a party or conference the best thing you can have with you is a great business card. Here are some tips to make your cards memorable. 1. Include all the necessary information. I know this seems obvious, but you’d be surprised at how often people fail to put on their cards all the basic details.... Read More

The Impact of Empty Spaces in Graphic Design

There are so many facets of ad design that get hammered home in article after article. Everyone is telling you how to maximize your headline?s impact and how to make your font stand out amid a sea of marketing. So much time is spent on what should go into your ad that we sometimes neglect one of the most important and eye catching elements, the empty spaces. This is really one of the simplest, but easiest to mess up, factors of your print design. Have you ever listened to a... Read More

Graphic Design vs. Interactive Design

Can a graphic designer design a website? Of course! But there are risks involved when someone who thinks in terms of paper and inches starts creating designs for screens and pixels. In this article, we?ll look at what makes web design so different, and we?ll talk about what to look for in a site designer. Usability Ever clicked on a brochure or a business card? I didn?t think so. On the web, your visitors take an active role in their own experience?meaning that if they don?t enjoy... Read More