Naperville, IL Announces Logo Design Contest for its Smart Grid Initiative

NAPERVILLE, ILL. (November 02, 2010) – The City of Naperville is has announced a design contest for budding artists and designers to create the Naperville Smart Grid Initiative logo. Entries are being accepted now through Wednesday, December 1, 2010. The smart grid initiative is an investment in Naperville’s city-owned utility to modernize the electric grid using the latest digital technology to increase reliability, reduce operating costs, improve efficiency and reduce... Read More

Do Businesses Really Need A Logo?

John McWade, of Before and After Magazine, discusses the need for businesses to have a logo in the video below. He also reviews a pet shop logo created by one of the magazine’s subscribers and gives tips on how to improve it. BA magazine was started by John McWade in 1990 which is doing a stellar job of taking graphic design to the masses and introduces them the essentials of design, and teaches and inspires them to create art on their own.  Read More

Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) Launches New Logo

DOHA, QATAR (October 24, 2010) – The Women’s Tennis Association (WTA), the world’s leading global sport for women with a storied 37-year history, launched a new logo on . The new mark is designed to serve as a distinctive and modern reminder of the captivating athleticism and excitement that has driven the international popularity and growth of women’s professional tennis and placed it firmly at the nexus of sport and entertainment. “For close to... Read More

3 Rules to Follow in Your Logo Design

Your logo can be used on web sites, banners, printed material such as business cards, t-shirts and coffee mugs, however when designing your own logo or getting it done by logo design professionals, ensure the following three basic rules and you will have a great and memorable corporate identity. RULE #1: KISS the logo The first and foremost thing to remember is to keep the logo design really, really simple, hence the KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid!) reference. Simple logos are identifiable... Read More

Shattering the Branding Myths!

If you’ve been online long, you’re sure to have seen many ’gurus’ give their ideas about branding. However, much of what you read simply isn’t true. Over the years, many myths about branding have taken hold in the online world and spread like wildfire. The fact is: They are doing you more harm than good. Branding is not one aspect of your marketing campaign. It is the combination of everything your business stands for. Branding is not created with... Read More

Find the Right Balance in Logo Creation

In a business, logo creation is as crucial as setting up a business plan. It is not as easy as going to a designer and having him create a cool, modern symbol with a ripped off tagline. Unfortunately, it goes beyond ?cool?. It goes beyond what you think is the hype. Instead, it requires a deeper understanding of your business, how it can be best represented, the overall impression it leaves on its viewers and if it is sticky enough to be retained in the minds of your market. Your... Read More

The Essentials of Logo Design

The advertising school of thought suggests, “If the customer has heard of you, you’ve done our job.” This is what is known as “Branding”. It is the messaging work a company does to encourage consumers to feel a certain way about their product. From touchy-feely character attributes to laundry lists of product features, it’s a marketer’s job to help you assimilate these ideas. The goal of all branding is to create an emotional tie between your clients... Read More

What to Expect from Your Logo Designer

I recently had my website designed, and my new logo created for my company. I would like to use it, but my printer can’t use the file he gave me! I just got business cards printed from it, but they didn’t look good. I don’t know what to do. A frustrated business owner recently came to me with this problem. I told him to calm down, I can redraw the logo in a program where he can use it, and it will always look professional. He was relieved, but didn’t... Read More

Modern Trends In Logo Design

Two most important vital parts of your marketing campaign are business brochures and advertising flyers. It is always important to do your brochures, cards and flyers with an overall design in mind. You want to project the image of your business that is favorable and will stick in the minds of your customers. The best way to do that is to have an interesting and unique logo, and to plant that on everything you print. The next question arises, how to design a logo that is not only... Read More

Logo Design – A Must for all Businesses

Logo is the visual representation of a company and a great means to communicate a powerful idea about your business. It reinforces the image of a brand and increases the recognition of your company. Visual representation is very essential for your business to gain identity as well as popularity. It?s a logo through which the themes of integrity incorporate and it conveys many meanings including strength and competency of a company. Logo is basically a very successful tool... Read More