Dining Room Design – Tips to get Your Creative Juices Flowing

Enjoying a meal with your friends and loved ones is much more fun when you have a dining room design that fits your life style. As a room that gets more use than most of the rooms in the home your dining room will need extra attention when it comes to design. The more you plan on doing to your space the more time it will take to design it. If all you need is a fresh coat of paint and hang a few paintings then you’ll not need to take a lot of time, but before you decide that is all you’ll need think about everything you could do to it then decide. Creating an attractive dining room is... 

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Tips on Choosing Good Icons

As there are numerous websites that offer icons, you have to pick up the right website that offers quality icons. The touchstone method to identify a quality icon producer is the website itself. Browse through as many number of website as you can and select a few website that visually impressed you and that offer the kind of icons you need. Then check for the quality of the website in terms of aesthetics, design, usability, language standards, payment modes, years of experience, client reviews, etc. As most of the client reviews are made up ones look for reviews outside the site. Or you can try... 

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Skills Required to Become a Graphic Designer

Those who become successful graphic designers usually have a unique blend of talents. They are intelligent people who are knowledgeable in a wide range of areas, comfortable creating designs that blend images with words and media to produce visually simulating concepts. Graphic designers are able to work alone and interact with clients and other professionals. They are familiar with the latest technology and able to incorporate it into their work for fresh ideas, while simultaneously marketing themselves, their work, and their talents. If you think creatively and logically. Most people go into... 

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Some Useful Ideas for Your Web Design Project

Creating a website is a step towards tasting online success. But creating a great website is a guarantee of online success.And to get you a great website that not only looks good but also performs well, you can hire professional web design services and get experts to work for you. However, there are a few things that you should take care of during your web design project. Explaining your web designers about your likes and dislikes with pen and paper will do no good. Send them links of websites that have themes and designs that you like. This will enable them to get a clear picture of what exactly... 

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3 Rules to Follow in Your Logo Design

Your logo can be used on web sites, banners, printed material such as business cards, t-shirts and coffee mugs, however when designing your own logo or getting it done by logo design professionals, ensure the following three basic rules and you will have a great and memorable corporate identity. RULE #1: KISS the logo The first and foremost thing to remember is to keep the logo design really, really simple, hence the KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid!) reference. Simple logos are identifiable and easy to remember. You would be surprised to learn that good logo designers spend 1/4th of their total project... 

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Baby Brain Stimulation is Focus of New Mobile App

Baby Symbolizer Mobile App

HuggaMind, Inc. (HM), announced the release today for Father’s Day of ‘Baby Symbolizer’, its first mobile device app available on iTunes, specially designed to stimulate early brain development in newborns through the use of interactive high contrast universal symbols, shapes, patterns, and sounds. According to Mies Hora, HuggaMInd President, “The majority of designs used... Read More


A LIFE with Future Computing: Fujitsu Announces Winners of Design Award 2011

Fujitsu Logo

Tokyo (May 20, 2011) — Fujitsu Limited and Fujitsu Design Limited today announced the selection of winners for the FUJITSU Design Award 2011: A LIFE with Future Computing, the full-scale international design competition, open to designers around the world, aimed at the development of PC-related designs bringing innovation to people’s daily lives. Over 1,000 PC design... Read More


NASA Tests AJ26 Commercial Rocket Engine Design


Bay St. Louis, Miss. (Dec. 17, 2010) – NASA conducted a test fire Friday of the liquid-fuel AJ26 engine design that will power the first stage of Orbital Sciences Corp.’s Taurus II space launch vehicle. The test at the agency’s Stennis Space Center in Mississippi supports NASA’s Commercial Transportation Services partnerships to enable commercial cargo flights... Read More


Elle Décor-Sponsored Contest Won by FIDM Interior Design Students

Elle Decor Design Contest Winners

A team of three FIDM Interior Design school Students won first place in the “Legends of La Cienega: Celebrate Hollywood” Student Design Competition, sponsored by Elle Décor magazine. The contest required entrants to design a room in a residential or commercial space that represented their contemporary vision for a film or TV series. With their entry “Mirror Mirror,”... Read More


IBM Delivers New Software to Advance Security Analysis

IBM Logo

ARMONK, N.Y. (December 04, 2010) – IBM today announced new software and analysis capabilities that provide a more efficient and accurate way to help organizations design, build and manage secure applications. The new software consolidates software vulnerability analysis and reporting into a single view across the enterprise.  Developers can now assess security threats... Read More



3 Great Tips for Photoshop Novices

The release of the tenth and newest version of the graphic editing industry standard PhotoShop is called CS3, and it was released on April 16,2007. If you are a novice of the graphic editing and manipulation world,you are going to want to read these three HOT tips to help get you going.They are put together […]



Do Businesses Really Need A Logo?

Do Businesses Really Need A Logo

John McWade, of Before and After Magazine, discusses the need for businesses to have a logo in the video below. He also reviews a pet shop logo created by one of the magazine’s subscribers and gives tips on how to improve it. BA magazine was started by John McWade in 1990 which is doing a […]