Logo is a powerful symbolic representation of a company. It?s a graphic
symbol designed to differentiate companies or products from their competitors in
the market. It?s the first step towards building an enduring brand. The logo is
considered a unique signature belonging to one individual, establishing an
initial, prominent corporate presence. It is very important that a
company logo design creates a visual impact and ensures instant recognition.

Branding is a complex and demanding process, and undoubtedly, it is the logo
design that heightens the prospect of your brand by allowing it to be perceived
as a competent product. The only way to achieve maximum effectiveness in the
marketing field is to design a logo in accordance with the nature of your
business. A great logo design marks the
’first impression’ for your business.

Today, successful companies continue to believe in the motto, ’the simpler, the
better’. For instance Coca-Cola., McDonalds, Pepsi, and Nike are some of the
most successful logos which are simple yet easy to remember. The consistent use
of these logos has been imperative in creating a strong, unified image for the
people. Pablo Picasso said, ’Good artists copy, great artists steal.’ Observing
the logos of your competitors is very essential, and you should notice the type
of image that they convey. Of course, the design that has been influenced by
another should still be unique. The symbol in the logo is the best place to tell
the story of what makes your business unique. Logo designs should be very stylish, which will
make them eye-catching. Companies should relentlessly pursue the process of
building the brand to gain a long-term competitive advantage. A good company
logo design can prove to be the ideal solution to the brand building process.

Colors play a vital role in designing company logos. It is necessary to find a
suitable color combination that will have an everlasting appeal to the people.
The font employed in the company logo accentuates the impression of prestige and
individuality held by the firm. The logo continues to be developed until it is
’just right’. One should design the stems of the leaves to match the line
quality of the font, so that the icon of the logo is unified with the text.

A logo stands for everything a company or product represents. It is the
reflection of the company?s vision. A logo would give the company ?quality,
value and origin?. A perfect logo with the right branding message and aggressive
marketing strategy can be a lethal combo for establishing a brand and helping a
company achieve its desired market share.

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experience in various industries such as: Business, Finance, Real Estate,
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