The release of the tenth and newest version of the graphic editing industry standard PhotoShop is called CS3, and it was released on April 16,2007. If you are a novice of the graphic editing and manipulation world,you are going to want to read these three HOT tips to help get you going.They are put together to help you to see that the world of image management is not really as daunting as it may seem right now.

These tips for beginners address some of the basic challenges that you will encounter quickly as you delve into the sometimes perplexing realm of PhotoShop CS3.Here we go then?.

Tip 1: Create custom, project-specified workspaces. Each project that you endeavor will require a certain set of palettes.You will want to take advantage of the feature that lets you save them independent of one another. Here?s how it?s done: When you have the palettes for a given project lined up as you like them, choose Window> Workspace> Save Workspace. Assign a name to the particular workspace and then click Save.

Tip 2: Plan ahead when naming workspaces so that in the future each will ring a clear bell in your memory. Multiple projects over time can get confusing to remember.

Tip 3: Use two different windows to display each image.You often need to zoom in for closer looks at pixels. When you make changes to a zoomed-in image, you need to know that it will work effectively when you zoom back out. So, instead of zooming in and out constantly, it is far easier and less time-consuming to have two windows opened containing the same image at different zoom levels.To do this, simply select Window> Arrange> New Window. The same image will appear in a new window. Keep one zoomed at 100% and the other however you need it to work on it.

Well, there you are: a beginner?s lesson to get you started on the right foot. The sphere of PhotoShop CS3 is a large one, but one that can be managed with good habits and some forethought. Enjoy!

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