The bright red of Coca Cola, the bull head of Chicago Bulls, the big arched
’M’ of Mac Donald?s – don?t you recognize them the moment you see? That?s the
power of logo. Whether you’re in a competitive industry or not, whether your
business is small or big it doesn’t matter! The fact is that your customers
remember your business when they see your
logo design, regardless of how hard
you try to convince yourself otherwise. A good logo makes not just a first
impression, but a lasting one as well.

The symbol, the color, the font, the text, the size, the precision etc all count
towards bringing the attention of your potential customers towards your company,
and creating your company?s image and finally its brand. Get a custom logo for
your business that best reflects your company’s spirit! It is very essential to
choose what type of logo suits your company’s business. Most of the large
international companies have pretty simple logos because research says not to
overload the consumers with too much information. And yes a lot of research goes
into creating these simple logos. Each of these
business logos has its own specific font
and size, and exclusive color combinations that make them unique. Every single
symbol and icon used together with the logo has a significant meaning.

But there are a few important things that should be kept in mind while selecting
or making a logo for your company to create that recognition in the market. You
have to create a unique and special icon together with your logo including your
website or company name in that. A logo should have a peaceful combination of
colors and not more than two or three colors should be used at a time. If you
are hiring a logo design company then it is better to get it done by a
professional logo design company with loads of experience. Before you take the
final decision of launching your company logo you should test it once in a
trusted circle. And last but not the least is to have a striking tagline to
accompany the logo. The resultant logo should convey the right message to the
people. You got to have an idea for the vision you want to create in the
people’s mind. The key to the success of a company’s identity depends to what
extent you can give your logo the recognizable look.

The graphics of your logo should be communicated purely in visual terms, to the
right brain hemisphere of your customers. It should not depend on verbal or
intellectual interpretation. If it is a word mark, it should be recognized by
its form alone. For example, you don’t have to ’read’ Adidas’s logo more than
once, to recognize the famous brand. The three parallel stripes mark became the
worldwide Adidas corporate logo design
a name that stands for competence in all sectors of sports throughout the globe.
Think of the future and avoid being too trendy. A good logo will last your
company 15 years and give your customers a chance to burn the image into their
brains. Even with these tips, it’s important for a company to get outside help
unless it has in-house designers who have experience with logos as well as the
time to devote to the project.

Logo designs form the energy, the feeling and the passion of a business. It’s
what makes us care. It is more than research and strategy. Good design is
exciting – it shouts- it demands that you remember it.

Jennifer is an expert Internet marketing professional with years of
experience in various industries such as: Business, Finance,
Logo designs, Real Estate, Web-Design,
Health & Medicine and many more.