What ensures an instant brand recall value among the consumers?
Definitely superlative quality, great service are the factors that enhances a
product?s recall value but without a targeted and intelligent marketing effort,
a good product cannot get the desired recognition among the customers.

So what marks the beginning of a good marketing campaign? Every brand needs a
unique symbol, a mark that the customers should associate with the product. If
one is thinking of buying a pair of sports shoes, in all probability it is
either the symbol of Nike or Reebok that flashes in the person?s mind. It is the
logo that helps a customer to instantly relate and recall a particular brand. A
company logo is the brand identifier and
thus it finds a place in almost anything that relates to the product. The
logo design of Microsoft even
appears in the company?s coffee mugs!

Thus the logo design is of prime importance for any brand to make a mark in the
competitive market. The logo represents the company to the public and a wrong
design can actually mar the brand?s prospects. An exhaustive research and great
designing skills are the primary requisites for a good logo design. Lot of
factors needs to be considered in this process since the design should be such
that relates well to the brand. It should not be over the top, complex and
rigid. Logos needs to be comprehended instantly and thus simplicity is the key
to a good logo. A glance at it should leave a long lasting impression in the
viewer?s mind. With so many brands around and nearly every billboard, banners
and advertisements showcasing their products, it takes a unique and unparalleled
approach for a logo to be noticeable in this highly competitive environment.

Furthermore it is of utmost importance to safeguard
business logos from possible
infringements. A logo is used as a trademark and an infringement can lead to
complexities that can eventually harm the brand reputation. Thus the logo should
be patented.

A brand cannot do without a good logo. So any company that is looking forward to
launch a product should invest in getting a great logo designed for the brand. A
professional business logo should only be designed by a professional logo design
firm. Thus it is prudent to seek consultation from one such firm that has the
potential to give your logo that extra spark.

Alfred Anderson has rich experience in the field of online brand marketing.
His interests includes Internet marketing and research on emerging online
business trends.