These days, everyone is trying to become a Web designer with a relatively simply Web design packages readily available, but is this wise, or is it giving them a headache? If you have the time, the panache, and the vision for your organization’s website, you will have no doubt in designing yourself. But have you ever thought why the visitors are turning off from your website? Well then there are a number of guaranteed ways to turn-off visitors to your web site. Turn-offs generally can be defined as anything that obstructs the user from quick and easy use of your site and so these factors requires special consideration and attention as you either design a site, or revise a site.

Your website is highly important for your online business and you should observe those rules of thumb and avoid common blunders with an eye toward making them less common if you want it to achieve good results. Some of the common mistakes are:

1. Overly wordy web designs that make your website loaded with problems including perception, a comprehension, and a design. It will be wise to slice it down by being brief to drive the online visitor to take action.

2. Ugly web designs consists of pixelated graphics that were not sized for the screen, a lack of integrated design, and the use of free clip art instead of artwork designed specifically for your pages.

3. Useless Website- that is your website does not have a point to make, a mission statement of its very own. Your website does not offers excellent content which can be graphics, text or interactive features.

4. Lack of traffic flow planning is a common flaw in web design, especially inexpert design. A good website is equipped for its user with easy navigation tools effective enough to persuade the user to whip out their credit card, send an email, or download something fascinating.

5. Lack of tracking features keeps you aloof of the necessary information of whether or not your website is meeting its mission which is very important for the progress of your website. Therefore the tracking feature is the only way to you will be able to measure the level of progress.

The criteria for good web design depends upon the person and the purpose of each site and these common mistakes all point to a lack of forethought on the part of the would-be web designer.

Written by: Brad smith Web design Pakistan.