The moving agenda of corporate world is now brand. The company’s goal and market targeting activities are revealed through brand. It is the key to the success of corporate companies. The value of company is reflected through brand. Brands are no longer accessed on the basis of performance, whether functional, financial or emotional. Brand should be used to reflect company’s ambitions, characteristics and personality which will ultimately provide visibility and notoriety.

Apart from anything the main importance of a logo is to create a visual identity rather better to say to create the persona of a company. Color plays a vital role in creating a business logo. Color should be used in logo to label or show hierarchy, to represent or imitate reality to unify separate or emphasize to decorate. Secondary or supporting colors can be used to harmonize our main color palate. Supporting colors are used to keep logo design fresh and forward looking. A harmonious effect should be created through the color used in logo. A logo design should be unique versatile and functional. Few balances should be maintained while creating a logo, a balance between color, shape, and position is very essential. Symmetrical balance, asymmetrical balance and radial symmetrical balance should be maintained in creating the logo.

The vertical and horizontal proportions of the logo must always be maintained. In printed materials, fliers or on posters, the logo is easiest read in the basic color version on a white background. If it is not possible, the logo can be used on a light-colored background. The logo must always be easy to read on any material. It is not recommended that the logo be used on a busy background. The inverse white version of the logo is used on dark-colored materials e.g. black, dark blue. The black and white version of the logo is used if the color version cannot be used. Where the color of the logo is reproduced in black and white the logo should be appear as solid black. When a black or dark colored background is used the company logo should appear "reversed out" as solid white. It must be guaranteed that printing will be of adequate quality. It is always necessary to adhere to the set guidelines for logo placement, including protective zones.

The minimum required distance from the business logo for placement of text or graphic elements must be 10% of the width of the logo. This rule applies for any and all uses of the logo. In order for the visual identity to be communicated effectively, other graphic elements must be positioned at a specified minimum distance away from the logo. This is known as clear space, the area around the logo that is free of any other graphic elements.

Typography plays an important role in the logo identity. In all marketing materials, consistent typography expresses your commitment to professional excellence. Trade Gothic is the basis of the printed marketing materials logotype. If Trade Gothic is not available, Arial is the authorized alternate font. However the visual impact and overall integrity should not be compromised or diluted in the whole process of creation of a logo. All logos are specific stylized graphic images that represent a brand or company. The logo, is not only a symbol but a piece of artwork.

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