As a long time designer, you?ve probably encountered one way or another, discussions and debates on whether design is more important than ad copy. I have. And I happen to know that the same topic has been discussed for many times that I care to count.

So what is really more important? Content or graphics? Words or pictures?

You know for a fact that advertising, especially for print ads such as your full color postcards, you need to have both elements in order to effectively convey the message you would want your target readers to know.

Design is very important as it helps for your marketing collateral ? your postcard printing piece, for example ? to have an element that can truly attract your target audience.

Studies have shown that pictures and graphics help in making it easier for your target audience to better understand your message. Just ask anyone. They?ll readily tell you that with pictures, they are able to make heads and tails of an otherwise complex idea.

Since childhood days, we were taught to appreciate pictures as a tool to aid us in learning. In fact, our teachers would often resort to providing us with images of the words we?re trying to learn so it?d be easy for us to remember it.

That?s the beauty of having pictures in your marketing tool. Pictures tend to help your target audience to remember and recognize your message, in addition to being decorative elements in your promotional tool.

On the other hand, the words in your postcards make it simple for your target audience to recognize what you are trying to say. Pictures can mean a lot of things for a lot of people; while words can be definite for everyone.

But nowadays, text and copy can be used to create your very own unique design. In fact, design is not anymore relegated to pictures and graphics. Even with your text, specifically your fonts, you can already create a design that can be your d?cor as well as your text description of your business.

Again, let?s go back to our first question ? which is more important: ad copy or design?

I say, both. Even if it has not been resolved for the longest time, let?s call it even. A marketing collateral cannot do without the other.

The bottom line is to make sure that both design and copy is relevant to the message you are trying to communicate. If not, then your marketing tool is better off without a graphic image or an ad copy if both do not support your sales message.
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