Do your colors say the right message to your clients and prospects?

Believe it or not, your choice of colors does make a difference in how your target audience receives your message. When done right, your colors can actually help you convey the right message that brings out the brand that you would want to be recognized.

Research proves that your choice of color boosts brand recognition which makes it easier for your customers and prospects to decide to buy your products and avail of your service. In fact, your target audiences? acceptance or rejection of your message depends on the colors they see in your ads. Colors do evoke certain memories and emotions. And they do make or break any marketing campaign.

So does this mean that in order for your marketing campaign to be effective you need to provide more colors to your ad? On the contrary, the more color you have in your ad the more likely that your brand will be misunderstood and misinterpreted.

Let me explain. Your brand when seen in your ad and in your logo provides a crucial message about your business ? particularly about your products and services. Your message includes all the qualities and characteristics you have that make you special and different from everybody else. Your color can emphasize that message for you. But you also have to understand that each shade itself conveys a different message. So if you have many colors, it means your readers will also have as many different messages received at once. Hence, making them more confused than ever.

So are you using your colors right? Or do you send confusing messages with your shades? Does your color choice reinforce or further weaken your brand?

When considering your colors, remember to use a predominant shade to brand your materials. Or you can still use two. But more than that, your target audience would find it hard to make heads or tails of what you would want to say with so many things going on in your ad. Unless you sell variety in your business, might as well stick to one or two colors to emphasize your idea.

Furthermore, use colors discriminately in your commercial color printing ads. As much as you can, try to integrate a color palette consisting of two tiers ? one for your predominant colors and the other for your complementary and lighter colors. The former can be used to emphasize your brand in your marketing tools such as your logo design and writing products. Moreover, the latter can be used either for your website or for your other print ads.

The use of color in your ads can definitely help you to stand out. However, using too much can also cause more harm than good for your marketing efforts. So choose your colors well. The right one can make it easy for you to convey the right message to your clients and prospects.

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