An effective ad such as your business card printing piece for example, has two basic elements ? an attractive design and a compelling message. Without one or the other, you might as well forget that you?re going have many leads to increase your return of investment.

A strong ad must have a great design that would get the attention of your target readers. With too much junk mail and other everyday stuff vying for your target clients? attention everyday, you should be able to stand out to be able to have your audience make the time for you. And it also has to have the right message to motivate your target readers to do what you ask of them.

Sadly, most ads out there lack these criteria. Often, most print ads are poorly made that they achieve almost nothing of what you?ve set out for them to accomplish. If your ad doesn?t have the right message that compels your target clients to stay, then it would be a costly lesson indeed for you.

Although it may look like it, creating effective print ads is not so difficult after all. Whether you do it on your own or hire a business cards printing expert for example to put together the best marketing tool for your business, it takes an understanding of the five essential factors that make up an effective and successful ad:

Basic Factor 1: Is it attractive?

The very first thing that your ad should do is get the attention of your target clients. How can your message be read if they don?t even glance at your ads in the first place? It?s quite obvious isn?t it? No matter how compelling your message is, if you don?t attract the attention of your prospects, enough to read what you have to say, all else fails. You can have that appeal if you have a truly eye-catching headline, as well as a visual element that would make it irresistible to say no to your ad.

Basic Factor 2: Is it appealing?

Is it something that your clients and prospects would be interested in? Your ad should either be according to the self-interest of your clients or be able to convey something that can be primetime news. Telling the benefits would highly likely get you the attention you deserve. What?s in it for them? Keep relating to the ?you? (your clients) in your ad and you?ll surely keep them interested in what you have to say.

Basic Factor 3: Is it unique?

Do you have something different and unique to offer? What makes you a better pick than the rest of your competition? If you can provide your target readers with something that is distinctive about your products and services, your better off in terms of getting them so interested in what you have to offer.

Basic Factor 4: Is it credible?

Your ad should not only be able to say your promises, you should be able to deliver them. This will prove that you are credible and your target audience can rely on you to carry out what you have guaranteed to do. Testimonials and data would do that for you.

Basic Factor 5: Is it motivating?

Not only should you be able to convey the right message, your ad should more importantly be able to move your readers, so much so that they take the necessary action you asked of them.

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