Design is always part and parcel of what makes your marketing campaign successful. As a graphic designer, half of your task is to make sure that not only do you make it easy for your target audience to understand your message, but to direct them also to your message. In short, you have to attract your target readers to what you have to say.

Hence, your design provides the text and visual elements that would make it easy for your clients and prospects to read your message. When your readers know where they are when they are reading your ad is almost half the battle won.

Just like your web page, your commercial color printing ad should also be easy for your readers to maneuver. All of your elements should be pointing to what is the most important element in your ad ? your message.

Your design should be all about sending your visual signals to indicate where your message is placed. It can be your color or even your typeface- all of your elements in your commercial color printing ad should point to your message at all times. But be careful that you use too much of your elements and you create redundancy in your ad. This means you have elements in your ad but it directs your readers? attention to just about everywhere. Not only does it provide you with a cluttered ad, but you also make it difficult for your target readers to distinguish your message from all the distractions.

Two of the most important visual elements that can help you draw your readers to your message are your color and typeface. How you make things different in the parts of your ad also has to do with how you make them consistent. For most effective print ads, it is consistency in the typeface you use to convey your message that works best. This is also the reason why you have to stick to two fonts and their families in your design ? to create consistency in your ad.

And don?t forget about making your text as plain as possible. Why? Because the plainness of your text makes it easy for your target readers to focus more on what is important. You can see this prominently displayed in the way most designers create their headlines. They usually put emphasis on the headlines and less design on the text to make the former more prominent from the rest of the copy.

The key is to put meaning in your design that tells your target readers of what you value in your ad, which is of course, your message. When you design your ad, keep in mind these things and you?ll most likely to have an ad that would be effective marketers of your business.

Kaye Z. Marks is a writer…an observer…continuously fascinated with the developments in commercial color printing technologies which greatly help the advertising and marketing of small to medium businesses. Get help on implementing this topic on your advertising/marketing campaign by visiting