Two most important vital parts of your marketing campaign are business brochures and advertising flyers. It is always important to do your brochures, cards and flyers with an overall design in mind. You want to project the image of your business that is favorable and will stick in the minds of your customers. The best way to do that is to have an interesting and unique logo, and to plant that on everything you print.

The next question arises, how to design a logo that is not only eye-catching and unique, but also modern. Well, the answer is to keep up with the latest trends of designing. Let us now look at the four hottest trends in logo design in today’s market.


Companies that want to project an image of fluidity and rapid movement might go for waves in their logos. These waves give positive images to customers and also make for attractive designs. The shape of the waves, and the fading color pattern usually used within them, are very adaptable to other types of items included in the company logo. Waves have quickly raised up the ranks of popular logo designs.

Web 2.0

According to the definition in Wikipedia, Web 2.0 is a trend in the use of World Wide Web technology and web design that aims to facilitate creativity, information and collaboration among users.

Creativity, information sharing and collaboration – All three are important for a company trying to establish itself. But Web 2.0 is a trend, not a particular type of design. However, its popularity has risen so high in a short span of time that in the logo design business, Web 2.0 has come to be defined as any new, innovative and trendy business logo design.

There are certain features that distinguish Web 2.0 designs. They have bright colors, accurate icons and shiny surfaces.


Transparency is the ability to see through something. This concept might not fit into logo design. You want your customers see your logo, not see through it. But transparency has two major benefits: it is easily adaptable to include other designs and it is wonderful at focusing a customer’s attention on particular spot.

3D Images

3D logo design has been in logo design for years. But logo designers face problems designing 3D logos. For one, making a 3D logo look the same on paper as it does on a computer is not always an easy task. But the new trend in 3D logos is to create an organic effect. The idea is to make the image appear alive and original at the same time, while not being overly intensive. This has become an effective technique in logo design.
Sam D’Costa is well known professional in Online Marketing and web promotions with expertise in logo designs.