Your logo can be used on web sites, banners, printed material such as business cards, t-shirts and coffee mugs, however when designing your own logo or getting it done by logo design professionals, ensure the following three basic rules and you will have a great and memorable corporate identity.

RULE #1: KISS the logo

The first and foremost thing to remember is to keep the logo design really, really simple, hence the KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid!) reference. Simple logos are identifiable and easy to remember. You would be surprised to learn that good logo designers spend 1/4th of their total project time creating a logo concept, then spend another 1/4th of the time in simplifying the same logo from its current, relatively complex form. (the remaining time is spent on working on the revisions and finalizing the logo) A case in point is Microsoft?s logo, which is nothing but simple text written in italics. However, the clever use of the typeface makes it unique and identifiable.

RULE #2: Color it bad, but color it proper!

The colors used in your logo are also of supreme importance. You should identify the colors which are usually attributed to your industry, for example, choosing fresh green colors and shades when you are a gardening and landscaping business seems a logical choice. Also remember that the colors you will choose will be used on all elements of your visual identity, that is, business card, web site, packaging, signage etc, so choose your colors wisely.

RULE #3: Make it as flexible as an Olympic gymnast

Your logo design should be flexible in several respects. First of all, it should be able to be reproduced in both multi-colored and single-color (black and white) versions because there will always be media on which reproduction of your logo in color would either not be possible or downright inappropriate. It should also be scalable enough so that it looks equally good in all sizes, whether it is on a small business card or on a giant IMAX cinema screen.

In conclusion, remember that your logo design will tell your customers who you are, so make sure that you send them the right message. This can only be ensured when you follow the above three rules when either designing the logo yourself or through discussing these with your logo designers.

The author, John Bladeus runs a low-cost yet high-quality logo design service and has a passion of writing on subjects related to business logos and corporate logo design. In his free time, he also writes for and operates a logo design blog. Please visit his web site today to obtain a great logo for your business.