Six year old Olga Popovic’s logo for her self-created Big Guys Company uses colour to send a message to consumers about her supermarket chain, which stocks everything from chips to gold-plated items, fruit and computers.

This is just one of many savvy advertising principles being learnt by a group of year 1 and 2 students taking part in the two-day Mini Media Mogul workshop, run by the Gifted Education Research Resource and Information Centre at the University of NSW. It is part of a larger summer holiday program for gifted students.

During the workshop the children invent a company, design a logo for it and create and pitch an advertising campaign.

The tiny advertising trainees spent the morning looking at the principles of a successful logo before pitching their own designs for their diverse companies.

Callum Predavec drew a blue and yellow logo for a machine that melts snow for drinking water, and Olivia Watkinson created a pink, heart-shaped logo for her Dog Care Centre.