Dubai, UAE – Thursday, January 24, 2008: Privity has successfully revamped and reinvigorated the entire Privity brand, introducing its new Corporate Identity.

About the New Corporate Identity

The colours of the new identity reinforce the message of trustworthiness, transparency,
loyalty and stability together with an energetic, inspirational yet ggressive ’corporate’
outlook of the company.

The typeface is simple to help bring out the unique name, yet has a definite personality that

is in keeping with the times and the kinds of work Privity does.

The distinguishing factor of Privity lies in its unique methodology — the 4i: Ideas,
Intelligence, Innovation, and Invention. It is around this that the ’marque’ has been designed. It is a graphic representation of the 4i methodology.

It does not stop there — it is also a reference to the process of connecting the ’dots’ and thereby connecting opportunities — something central to Privity’s business model.

Furthermore, it is a portal, a window to endless opportunities and possibilities.

Last but not least, it symbolizes the axiom that multiple elements come together to form a greater, more harmonious and more meaningful whole.

About Privity

Privity is a unique strategic and advisory consultancy developing and enhancing business opportunities for its clients in the SAMENA region. At the core of Privity’s business operations is the 4i (Ideas, Intelligence, Innovation, Invention) methodology. In order to deliver exact bespoke solutions to clients according to specific requirements, the management team at Privity concentrates on rapid development of ideas through intelligent application of information and research material, devising innovative execution strategies and inventing rational implementation plans.