DULUTH, Ga. — Movius Interactive Corporation, a global leader in messaging, collaboration and mobile media solutions, was unveiled today as the new corporate brand of the former IP Unity Glenayre. Along with the new corporate identity, Movius is also introducing the company’s strategic direction for the next generation of mobile media and messaging solutions.

Having largely completed the business integration from the merger that formed the company a year ago, Movius reaffirms its commitment to deliver a full complement of industry leading messaging and collaboration solutions for global service provider markets. Also, at the core of the company’s new strategy is the expansion of its portfolio to address targeted applications with rich user interfaces in the rapidly growing market of interactive mobile media.

"Today’s consumers have strong bonds with mobile devices as an extension of their individuality," said Oscar Rodriguez, CEO, Movius. "With our new focus, we’re enabling a rich, personalized experience that goes beyond basic communications and now includes entertainment, commerce and social networking. These fundamentals of ’interactivity’ are keys to driving adoption of new carrier services."

Movius is harnessing technology from a broad ecosystem to help carriers respond to key market forces ranging from increased demand for mobile media as well as new ad-sponsored business models. The company is augmenting its portfolio with applications that provide users greater control and interactivity in mobile entertainment, mobile marketing and social networking. These new applications go beyond traditional messaging into the adjacent market of Interactive Mobile Media.

"Carriers face new challenges from price erosion to market saturation for voice and data services," said Jill Aldort, senior analyst at Yankee Group. "Threats from new technologies and internet giants are prompting operators to identify new opportunities to drive revenue. Movius is attacking this challenge head-on with a suite of solutions that enables operators to bring new valuable services to their customers."

Strategic Direction for 2008

Movius’ bold new focus will drive to market a new generation of interactive mobile media applications throughout 2008. New solutions from Movius help open up revenue potential for service providers from new applications as well as new business models such as mobile marketing and advertising. With the demonstrated know-how and expertise to innovate and quickly implement new, viable applications, Movius is uniquely qualified to deliver on its strategy.

About Movius

Movius Interactive Corporation gives people the power to enrich their lives through viable innovations that transform the way they interact with information, media and each other. Formally under the name IP Unity Glenayre, Movius is a recognized leader in messaging, collaboration and mobile media solutions for service providers worldwide.

For more information, please visit http://www.moviuscorp.com.