For a team that’s only been around for 15 years, the South Carolina Stingrays sure like to change their look and their franchise logo. The Stingrays unveiled their fourth logo in team history earlier this week.

South Carolina Stingrays head coach Jared Bednar said the new logo is a ’more modern look’ for the team.

This past season, the Stingrays celebrated their 15th anniversary as a franchise in the ECHL and updated their logo again.

’The new logo looks a lot like the 15th anniversary logo,’ said Stingrays merchandising manager Todd Merton.

’We didn’t want the newest logo to be a complete shock to our fans.’

In addition, two alternate logos have been created to highlight the team’s affiliation with both the state of South Carolina and the Lowcountry specifically. The first alternate logo depicts the state flag wrapped in the shape of an ’S’ and the second is a shield design featuring the Ravenel Bridge. Both can be seen on the new jerseys for next season.