Who said designing your own jewel is a tricky task? It’s actually quite easy, if you know where to go!

Diamonds-USA.com has been dealing in diamonds on the Internet since 1997 but is run by a 3rd generation diamond cutter – so there’s a wealth of experience and knowledge backing up this business and behind every diamond engagement ring, diamond bracelet and diamond earring sold.

At the core of the Diamonds-USA.com website is the ‘design your own jewel’ section which, as the name suggests, is a place for you to design your jewel from scratch, with the variety of options available.

First you start off by choosing the type of setting you’d like followed by the equally important choice of the type of diamond you would like. There are a number of settings available to suit everyone’s tastes and you can go with something plain, to make your diamond stand out or you can opt for side stones or different shapes. The type of diamonds available will vary in cut, clarity, shape and color and there’s an option to suit any budget.

Engagement rings are the most commonly designed jewel on the Diamonds-USA.com website and you can go for something modern, elaborate, simple or traditional – the choice is ultimately up to you.

Diamonds-USA.com welcomes your visit to their online store to design the jewel of your choice. Being experienced diamond jewelers, there’s also plenty of other designs to choose from along with other diamond jewelery items like stud earrings and bracelets.

Diamonds-USA.com is the home of quality diamond engagement rings, loose diamonds and diamond jewelery so take a look today and see why Diamonds-USA.com is the choice of hundreds of happy customers all over the world.