(PHOENIX, AZ, October 17, 2010) – Web It Designs, LLC, an industry leading Website Design & Web Management Company, aims to help sports personalities manage their online presence. Its not only businesses that need to focus on online brand building but also professionals like sports stars who need to build their brand through the internet. Web It Designs has also incorporated social media consultants to help these sports stars establish a relationship with their fans.

Social Media consultants usually manage almost everything including content for their clients. However Social Media at its core is all about relationships. I am an avid sports fan, and if I were to follow X sportsman it is to establish a relationship with that person and not with X Inc . A number of consultants today, generally take full control of the sports stars online web presence, with the perfect (read that as brand promotion) content and great visuals. This is essentially tricking the fans wherein a cosmetic relationship is built says, Mr. John Roope of Web It Designs which offers services like web management,blog syndication, website marketing, web hosting etc for professional skiers and athletes.

However we are different. At W.I.D, brand building and attracting sponsors is an after effect of the positive relationship that the sport stars and pro athletes build with their fans. We get everything set up and configured (websites, blogs, social media campaigns, etc), but out athletes drive the content creating a genuine relationship with their fans. With our online advertising division, Shredder Syndicate, we intend to go a step further he adds.

Through Shredder Syndicate, we shall offer advertising for action sports related websites, products, services on our syndicate websites. For example, if you are looking to place an action sports advertising ( http://www.webitdesigns.com ), Shredder Syndicate, will ensure that these ads, appear on our syndication of professional athletes’ websites says Mr. Roope.

Several Pro skiers like Jenn Berg (pro big mountain free skier), Noah Howell (pro skier and ski film production), Grete Eliassen ( pro skier), Austin Ross ( pro skier), Kim Havell( pro skier, alpinist and mountaineer), Jess McMillan (professional big mountain skier), Vanessa Aadland (pro skier), Amber Schuecker (big mountain and competitive snowboarder), Jamey Parks ( pro skier), Shaun Ruskin (pro freeheel skier), Pip Hunt (pro skier), Weston Deutschlander (pro freeheel skier), Claire Smallwood ( pro skier, chef and artist), Jackie Paaso (professional skier), and Chris Tatsuno (pro skier and professional ski bum) are a part the Shredder Syndicate.

The online advertising division of Web It Designs, LLC, Shredder Syndicate, offers high visibility and high quality exposure for outdoor sports companies, hotel and leisure websites, kayaking sites, fly fishing websites, skiing websites, and any other sites related to outdoor sports. For outdoor sporting related businesses, there is no better place to promote goods and services than on the Shredder Syndicate.

Throughout the Shredder Syndicate of Professional Athletes, companies looking for outdoor online advertising or outdoor sports advertising can reach out to their customers effectively. To know more about Shredder Syndicate, visit http://www.webitdesigns.com or http://www.shreddersyndicate.com