For many people the last thing they will think about when thinking of redecorating their kitchen is the type of kitchen lighting design that they want and normally this the first thing that they will cut from their budget. But if you want your kitchen and function well then good lighting is a must. A good kitchen lighting design plan will blend into the architectural and decorative details of the room.

When it comes to uses lights in a kitchen the most common mistake made by many people is that they try to light the entire room by just using a ceiling mounted fixture. But unfortunately this will results in the room being visually overpowered by the light fixture and even recessed lighting isn?t much better.

Therefore plan for the layered look and kitchen that is well lit will layer and blend 4 different kinds of lights and any kitchen redesign or remodel or new build should include the following:-

1. Task Lighting. This is the workhouse element of kitchen lighting and will provide adequate light for when you are chopping vegetables or reading recipes. The optimum place for such lighting is between a person?s head and the actual work surface (and that is why lighting located below cabinets on the walls are very effective).

2. Ambient Lighting. This will create a warm glow to your kitchen and will fill the room as well as soften shadows and makes those entering the kitchen feeling instantly welcome. If you have cabinets which do not reach up to the ceiling then ambient lighting can be placed there. Of the four kinds of lighting you can include in your kitchen ambient is the most overlooked.

3. Accent Lighting. This will give depth and dimension to any kitchen and accent lighting is those fixtures which are placed inside a glassed front cabinet in order to illuminate the china, glassware or collectibles that are contained within it. Also recessed and adjustable low voltage fixtures used as spotlight art can be used as accent lighting.

4. Decorative Lighting. This type of lighting will add a sparkle to any space.

However when planning a kitchen lighting design is best if you plan ahead and you don?t have the money in your budget then install a series of pendants in the room but whilst the remodeling work is being carried out also have three junction boxes installed. Thus when you have the money available to purchase fixtures at a later date they can be easily added to your kitchen.

Lee Dobbins writes for Kitchen Decorating Ideas where you can get more ideas on decorating your kitchen as well as find out about kitchen lighting design.