(LOS ANGELES, CA Oct. 24) – With cold weather approaching fast, many homeowners will soon be facing higher energy bills in order to keep the house at a warmer, more comfortable temperature. In terms of energy usage, winter months are often the most demanding. The good news is that new and improved energy efficient insulation for windows and doors can go a long way in reducing energy costs when keeping a home warm, but savings can be even greater when the floor is covered by wool area rugs. NW Rugs, a West Coast dealer of quality imported and domestic rugs, offers area rugs that are great for added warmth and comfort during the winter.

Specializing in wool area rugs, as well as Persian rugs, hand tufted rugs, antique rugs, and Oriental rugs, each NW Rugs location carries an unmatched selection of over 20,000 rug styles and items. Cost savvy customers are turning towards area rugs in order to provide a complementary style element to their homes, as well as warmth and comfort that can last a lifetime. Wool area rugs are especially helpful for adding comfort when a house has wood or tile flooring, because these types of flooring absorb coldness from the air and relay it back into the air, perpetuating the coldness within a home. Covering some of the flooring in a home with area rugs adds a layer of insulation, thereby reducing energy expenditure for heat maintenance. Area rugs are also very cost effective in the sense that they provide comfort and warmth without compromising a home’s value, which is often the case when a home has carpet flooring.

With six warehouse-sized locations in Southern California, Oregon, and Nevada, NW Rugs serves a loyal customer base of interior design professionals, homeowners, and collectors. All rug orders made through the NW Rugs website qualify for free shipping to anywhere within the continental United States.

For more information about wool area rugs, as well as store hours and locations, please visit www.NWRugs.com