HuggaMind, Inc. (HM), announced the release today for Father’s Day of ‘Baby Symbolizer’, its first mobile device app available on iTunes, specially designed to stimulate early brain development in newborns through the use of interactive high contrast universal symbols, shapes, patterns, and sounds.

According to Mies Hora, HuggaMInd President, “The majority of designs used in typical nursery accessories and decor are either pastel colors that babies can’t see, or complex images and patterns just too confusing for their early perceptive abilities. Knowing personally how stressful caregiving can be, we designed a low-cost but highly effective and eco-friendly tool to simultaneously soothe newborns and young babies while stimulating their brains. In fact, my own son Hudson is Chief App & Product Tester for HuggaMInd.”

More than forty years of scientific research on what infants perceive at successive stages of development has revealed that babies who are given appropriate stimulation show sustained developmental advantages over babies in less stimulative environments. Researchers discovered that newborns not only prefer to look at high-contrast graphics, but that such images can help produce breathtaking results:

  • Increase infant concentration skills and attention span
  • Focus and develop eyesight, hand-to-eye coordination, visual tracking, and object permanence
  • Stimulate creation of synapses (brain cell connections) by speeding up myelination (insulation of nerve pathways)
  • Calm and soothe
  • Enhance natural curiosity, neck strength and head control.

Baby Symbolizer is now available at the iTunes App Store for $.99, and features 34 high-contrast graphics that are viewable in a continuous ‘Slideshow’, or an ‘Interactive’ mode that encourages infants to touch, explore and discover bold visual/sound response buttons. Touching the heart shape produces a ‘heartbeat’ sound and the wave pattern produces an entertaining ‘splash’, for example.

The app also contains ‘High-Contrast’ Research, extensive Baby Care Safety Tips, Slideshow timer controls, and English or Spanish language options. ‘Baby Symbolizer’ is compatible with iPhone, iTouch, iPad 1 and 2, and can be displayed for maximum effect on an LCD TV or monitor using Apple‘s optional new HDMI adapter cable. A demo video of the app in action can be seen on YouTube.

About HuggaMind:
HuggaMind, Inc. of Stony Point, NY was founded in 2010 by graphic designers and is dedicated to providing universal non-verbal communications to enhance life for people of all ages with mobile device apps and products specially designed for parents, infants, caregivers, and travelers.