I will show you how to build a web directory in a few and easy to follow
steps. Using these tips will not only save you a huge amount of time, but it will also reveal to you new ways to build a good quality site loved by net-surfers and search engines as well.

1). Purchase a domain name and a hosting plan. You can buy a domain name for as
low as 2.50$. Choose your domain name carefully, according to what kind of key
words do you target. For example, if you want to build a directory for garden
lovers, you can call it ?My Green Corner? or ?Green Garden Directory?. If you
want to build a general directory, you may want to use some top popular searched
words on net. As for hosting, you can choose between free or paid hosts, each of
them has advantages and disadvantages. Use the Google search tool to find out
about everything. For example, just type on Google ?free hosting plan?, and you
will get almost 100 million results. Similarly, you can type ?top most searched
words?, and so on.

2). Choose a directory script. I personally recommend phplinkdirectory script
(known as phpld). You can choose the free version 2, or you can pay a small fee
for purchasing the later version 3. Installation is very easy and does not
require major coding skills, and the support forum is excellent. Basically you
just have to upload the script to your server and follow some simple
installation steps.

3). Choose a template and customize it. There are many templates available for
phpld v2 and v3, and with some minor Photoshop skills, you can tune your web
directory to look exactly how you want it to look. There are also available some
extra mods for phpld script, you just have to read their support forum. You
don?t need to know how to modify the script?s source, most of them are simple
?cut and paste? jobs. Find and install all the mods that you like, this will
give to your directory a fresh look.

4). Add extra features like some web seo related free web tools from
iwebtool.com, for example, a forum like phpBB or a blog like wordpress. All of
them are free scripts just waiting for you to install and customize. Syndicate
at least your blog, with your directory (you can use the RSS feeds from your
blog or from anywhere else, and syndicate them to your website by adding a
script like rss2html to it?s code). This will add content and utility points to
your directory.

5). Advertise your new web directory on forums, blogs, on everything that you
can. Write articles. Build a newspaper and let people to come and subscribe for
it. Start a link-exchange campaign. Make friends, do some reciprocal linking,
but stay away from link farms. Submit your directory to other directories.
Search engines like directories, because most of them are human-edited, and they
will crawl your page, whenever they have the chance. Get into as many
directories top as you can (e.g. My Green Tommy Top Directories). If you have
some money to invest in it, buy some links on top pages of other directories
with higher PR, or apply for Google ad-words, so that people can hear about your
new creation. Try to blend into the system.

6). Last, but not least, enjoy your work, enjoy this experience.

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