It’s the brand identity’s responsibility to ’make it simple,’ eliminate
clutter and reveal the irrefutable truth. It is the visual context that delivers
the promise and creates mind-share, market-share and measurable value. This is
the most influential and effective effort of design.

Sending mixed messages, listing a hundred services and distributing unrelated
materials will turn your audience into skeptics. It means you are making
promises – breaking them or not backing them up. It makes you seem ineffectual
and hurts your credibility. This is the catalyst to failed relationships. Client
retention and customer loyalty derives from a crystal clear and consistent

Your logo is not your identity. The ’I just need a logo’ days are past us. If
you remove your trademark from your entire visual inventory, will your message
be consistent? Is it undoubtedly you? Does it speak the authentic truth about
who you are and why you matter?

When rectifying the situation, it is imperative to consider your message
vehicles in an associative manner. At TRAIT we create identities that make the
complex seem simple as well as show mergers & acquisitions as obvious and
painless. We marry creativity with business opportunity to develop ideas into
tangible solutions that invoke your audience. We excite their senses and cause
reactions. Your audience will be rewarded by investing in your brand. The
connection between brand and audience is crucial and often involves risk-taking
on both ends. Taking risks means our creations will provide a new identity for

TRAIT Brand Partners is a small boutique with big agency capabilities. We
bring a cohesive experience to the creation of visual solutions for brands
across media. Established in 2003, the Kent State University duo of James
Mollica and Jason Fisher work towards maintaining smart design with visual
exploration. As a full-service creative agency, we collaborate directly with
clients and agencies alike to produce quality creative solutions that stand out
from the crowd. We help our clients make more money. How do we do this? TRAIT
provides the highest level of service and creativity in five areas: web design,
search engine optimization, application development, content management, brand
identity and design.