Pull in hundreds of visitors per day by optimizing your graphics and images.
Learn 3 simple tricks that can yield in higher traffic counts and income. If you
are an online business owner then you must read this article. You could be
losing hundreds or thousands of visitors each and every day.

Did you know that millions of people are using the web to find pictures of Old
Faithful, a ?69 Mustang or a cartoon drawing of Bill Clinton? There are
potential customers searching for graphics of your products and services right
now. Are you capturing their business?

The major search engines have been collecting images from websites and sorting
them by topics, keywords and alt tags. Are you optimizing your images properly
to take advantage of this free advertising?

Google’s Image Search forms about 12% of its regular search queries. That’s a
lot of searching for graphics. To give you an example, Google?s Image Search
accounts for more queries than Ask.com?s regular queries. If your online
business lends itself to photos, that percentage could mean a jump to 25-40% of
your traffic.

There are a few basic rules to optimizing your images. While optimization is
optional, I highly recommend taking the additional 30 seconds to add alt and
title tags and proper graphic names. The difference in traffic and income could
be drastic.

Some folks shy away from alt tags these days. I still like them and use them to
my advantage. The trick is to code the tag so that it provides a line of
information to your website visitor.

For example, I have a fitness website that displays photographs of different
exercises. The alt tag for a particular exercise would read: Crunch- Keep Belly
Button Pulled Into Spine.

In other words, use the alt tag to sum up your main point of having the graphic
in the first place. Be sure to include words in your alt tag that help define
the picture as well. The alt tag will only display if the graphic does not load,
or if your visitor is using a text based browser.

Use the title tag in your images as well. The title tag will display when you
move your cursor over an image. The title tag is built into the coding of the
image just as the alt tag is. You should also use words that describe the
graphic and provide additional information.

Another way to optimize images is in their file names. All graphics have a file
name when you save them. This is a simple way to earn points with the search
engine! Instead of naming your ab crunch picture 1yhjdk65789.jpg, why not name
it ab-crunch.jpg? It?s all about using words to describe the image.

This may be reminding you of keywords. Images should be treated just as your
online business content. I?ll even go a step further and say that images should
be an integral part of your website content. Use every advantage you have to
rank well at the engines!

One caveat: do not spam your alt or title tags. Search engines are growing
smarter every day. Build your web business with dignity and honesty. The
throwback will be tenfold.

Your hosting company should provide image search traffic analysis of your
website. If your hosting company does not provide this, strongly consider
switching hosting companies. Graphic and image searches are going to increase in
the coming months and years. You must know how it affects your traffic and your
bottom line.

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